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Salajeet ( Badanaghay )




Salajeet is a natural product which can be found in Hunza Valley, Salajeet can be used for any kind of disease or this is called natural Viagra, that with no side effects this can increase the sexual power and one of the secrets of Long life in Hunza,


This Natural drug can use with milk or any sort of juice.


To read more about this product and reliability you can visit the following web sites including Washington Post and NY Times.


Once you decide to purchase the Item you need to contact me directly at the given email address on main web page in contact me.

Please note :- Since Pakistan is not a member of PayPal, this is why we are not accepting Payments through PayPal, we are also looking for some reliable and secure online merchant, You will soon be informed about it.

The product is available for Pakistani customers at the moment, but you can contact your relatives, friends or someone you know in Pakistan to buy it for you. /03/shangri-la-hunza.html 12.5.pdf asp%3Fid=594.html et/msg00254.html og/2005/10/more_fiction_in_the_new_york_ t.html -105.pdf